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Human Trafficking Has Become An International Crime

According to, human trafficking is the illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation. Human trafficking has become an international crime, affecting the lives of men, women, and children. There are several motives for human trafficking, but in Nepal, trafficking is mainly concentrated on domestic work and prostitution. While most people wouldn’t associate disease and post-traumatic stress disorder with victims of human trafficking, in reality, it tragically affects the lives of many women. Human trafficking exploits women in ways that include forced labor, slavery, servitude, sexual exploitation, or removal of human organs. In Nepal†¦show more content†¦These women and young girls not only suffer from being taken away from their families, but also dealing with being beaten, sexually abused, but also undergo mental strain and illness. The women who are trafficked suffer from a great deal of psychological abuse, leading to many mental health issues. In Cathy Zimmerman, Mazeda Hossain, and Charlotte Watt’s article, the authors describe different factors that lead to mental health issues in survivors. Traffickers use forms of intimidations to coerce women to obey and refrain from seeking rescue by threatening their loved ones and using blackmail. Because the women are being sold to different people constantly, their surroundings change uncontrollably, and often end up in unsafe environments. Due to these drastic changes and living in constant fear has lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can cause sleep issues, nightmares, memory loss, violent outbursts, and other aggressive behavior. Along with PTSD, many survivors experience signs of depression, leading to self-harm, and even suicide. â€Å"17% of trafficked women who had worked as sex workers, scored over the cut-off point of measurement f or PTSD and 19% were over the cut-off on the depression scale† (Mental health of female survivors of human trafficking in

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The Internet Of Things Is Defined - 1705 Words

Introduction The internet of things is defined as the development of the internet where every object used in daily activities has a connection to the internet allowing these things to either send or even receive data. These objects would be equipped with sensors that gauge the surrounding parameters including brightness or distance and transmit this data to the internet for use in various applications. For instance, eCLOUD is a form of artwork that was done by Aaron Koblin, Nik Goods and Nik Hafermaas and it is located in the San Jose Airport. It is made from various Polycarbonate tiles that ranges from transparent and the opaque states. The states are controlled by weather in various National ocean and atmospheric locations around the globe. Data collected is then used to enhance simulations that represent the weather in various locations by ensuring that these tiles are turned on and off in a given pattern. These simulations are seen within the available cloud sculpture and on a dynamic displa y that has been placed in the airport’s terminal. The internet of things has primarily made it into various design circles in which the main concern is the users and the application areas more than the underlying technical solutions. Everything surrounding people will function like the media and mediators with a blurred difference between the tangible or physical materials. The following essay will dwell more on the new pervasive concept of materiality that builds on the overallShow MoreRelatedProject : Enhancing Network Security Utilizing Software Defined Networks1257 Words   |  6 PagesState Of Art Project: Enhancing Network security Utilizing Software Defined Networks (SDN) The idea Internet technology was implemented in the early 1970’s. Rapid growth of the Internet is constantly being observed from the past two decades. Internet actually elevated the world of technology to the next level. It became so common that most day-to-day activities were dependent on the Internet. Mass usage of the Internet made things simple and was considered as one of the most reliable sources. ItRead MoreEthics And The Internet Essay1707 Words   |  7 PagesEthics and the Internet â€Å"Access to and use of the Internet is a privilege and should be treated as such by all users of this system (Internet Activities Board 1989).† If people would understand this statement and accept the truth of this statement, then the world would be a better place for everyone on the internet. There are an estimated 2.1 billion people that use the internet worldwide (Miniwatts Marketing Group 2011). The majority of people that use the internet are polite, civilized, and decentRead MoreHow Technology Can Play Improving Education Systems862 Words   |  4 PagesTechnology, as we all know, is helping and improving many disciplines of life. Technology, in Britannica Encyclopedia, is defined as the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life (Britannica, 2009).  Using technology in education for the purpose of better understanding is a positive step taken by most of the schools, colleges and universities all around the world. Technology can play vital role in improving education systems. You can see electronic gadgets and computersRead MorePrivilege Or A Necessity : The Internet896 Words   |  4 Pages Privilege or a necessity: The Internet. Do you believe that the internet is a privilege or a necessity? How would you feel if the internet didn’t exist? Many believe that it should be either a human right or a civil right. Although these may sound the same or similar, there is a huge difference between them and also a different meaning between the two. According to Human rights is defined as ‘’ generally thought as fundamental rights. They include the right to life, education, free expressionRead MoreThe Cyber Physical System Of Intelligent Manufacturing878 Words   |  4 Pagesbut also it leads the security issues of the system [10, 12]. In general, as one of the essential technologies, the Cyber-Physical System is the front-page research target for intelligent manufacturing. 2.2 Internet of Things The Internet of Things is defined as the network of physical things, such as components, devices, machines, vehicles and so on, which objects can collect and exchange data with automatically communicating without human interaction [13]. These data are required variously (e.gRead MoreEssay on Hackers- Who Are They? And What Do They Do?1007 Words   |  5 PagesHacking today A. More like exploration in the 60s and 70s B. Cannot call themselves hackers II. Different Types of hackers A. A hacker defined B. A cracker defined C. A phreaker defined III. You do not have to be intelligent A. Not like you have seen on television B. Programs used are highly accessible on the Internet C. Some start out with trial and error VIII. Online Legalities A.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Unauthorized access to, or use of a computer Read MoreThe Descent into a Digital Culture900 Words   |  4 Pageswhat will be said about our culture another hundred years in the future. What is the one thing that has defined us as who we are? A section on our slow ascent into socialism may be in order, or maybe a chapter on our obsession with going green. However, I would suggest that the first chapter in a humanities book of 2113 on our culture title â€Å"The Descent into a Digital Culture†. Our culture is most defined by the digital lifestyle that the majority of us live. In this day and age one does not leaveRead MoreComputer Mediated Communication Theory Is Defined As A Type Of Human Communication1548 Words   |  7 PagesComputer-mediated communication theory is defined as a type of human communication that occurs through the use of two or more electronic devices. Human-computer interaction involves the study, planning, design, and uses of communication between people and computers. The computer serves as the network for the communication between the two individuals. There is a source of information that is sent by the sender through the network, also known as the source of noise, to the receiver to reach its destinationRead MoreThe Dangers Of Internet Addiction Essay1645 Words   |  7 PagesThe internet is by far one of the greatest inventions of all time for many reasons. The internet allows people to share ideas, meet old friends, and even express their problem s to the masses. It allows for the spread of ideas and information at a phenomenal speed. When a natural disaster, death, or even an important presidential speech occurs, you can find information about whatever happened almost immediately. This speed of information transfer has become a vital role in people s lives, jobs, andRead MoreStudy on Customers Perceived Risk When Shopping Online756 Words   |  3 Pagesdecision, they make the decision on certain products. ïÆ'Ëœ Time saving: Time is considered as one of a factor that is related with intention to purchase in a shopping. Consumers have their own time, whether to shop or not from the internet. According to (Jensen, 1990), making the shopping trip as soon as possible refers to the time-saving oriented consumers and they prefer store choices favoring quick shopping; people who dislike shopping and approaching for time saving retail stores

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Prop 34 the Death Penalty Free Essays

The Death Penalty, also known as Capital Punishment is a world wide controversial issue. Should the death penalty be repealed and replaced with life imprisonment without possibility of parole? California voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure that would have repealed the state’s death penalty. Supporters against Prop 34 claim that California is broke and taxpayers would pay at least $50,000 annually, giving lifetime healthcare and housing to killers who tortured, raped, and murdered children, cops, mothers and fathers. We will write a custom essay sample on Prop 34: the Death Penalty or any similar topic only for you Order Now A yes on Prop. 4 states that no offenders would be sentenced to death under state law. Offenders who are currently under a sentence of death would be resentenced to life without the possibility of parole. The state would provide a total of $100 million in grants to local law enforcement agencies over the next four years. I strongly agree with a vote yes on Prop. 34. The death penalty isn’t an effective way to prevent or reduce a crime. Not only does this not prevent future crimes and murders, but sometimes the death penalty is applied unfairly to innocent people. Evidence has shown that more than 100 innocent people have been sentenced to death in the United States and some have been executed. Prop. 34 means that the state of California will never execute an innocent person. Franky Carrillo was 16 when he was arrested and wrongly convicted of murder in Los Angeles; it took 20 years to show his innocence. Judge LaDoris Cordell, from Santa Clara said â€Å"If someone’s executed and later found innocent, we can’t go back. † I agree with this judge because what if later we find evidence that the offender is innocent there no way we can bring someone back to life. So then again who has the right to take the life of a human, when God is the one who decides when our time on earth has come to an end. Life without parole would be less expensive than the death penalty. California’s death penalty is too costly and is hardly used. Only 13 people have been executed since 1967 and no one since 2006. Prisoners are put to death row but die of old age before they make it to there punishment. We waste millions of tax dollars on special housing for these inmates, when they just sit around doing nothing. To me it makes more sense to keep a killer in a prison for the rest of his/her life until they die. An impartial study found California will save nearly $1 billion in five years if we replace the death penalty with life in prison without possibility of parole. The savings would come from eliminating lawyers’ fees and special death row housing. California is broke and Prop. 34 will save us money. We all know that killing another person is the most evil crime that one can commit. But it seems that our government is being hypocritical when it states that capital punishment is allowable because, after all, the criminal did murder an innocent victim, and therefore should be killed. This is known as the â€Å"eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth theory. † Of course, if we used this system all the time, there would be no need for laws. The majority of countries in Western Europe, North America and South have abandoned capital punishment. Why is it that the United States remains a user of capital punishment? The death penalty is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment. It denies criminals their natural born right to life. The death penalty should be abolished because it has never been shown to lower crime rates or stop serial killers from killing. It costs far more to execute a person than to keep him or her in prison for life. Capital punishment is against the humanity, we can find other alternatives to it. As Voltaire once said, â€Å"It is better to risk saving a guilty man than to condemn an innocent one. † How to cite Prop 34: the Death Penalty, Essay examples

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Guest Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Guest Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Answer: Introduction The Hotel Futuras management did the adoption of a plan for doing the utilization of the sunny indoor section of the lobby. This is being done for being considered as a service point in respect of morning as well as afternoon teas. Each tea service is operating for 2 hours only, i.e. 10:00am 12:00pm and 2:30pm 4:30pm. The room service kitchen does the preparation of the sandwiches and delivers them to the pass in the pastry section of the main production kitchen. The two food service attendants do the ordering as well as collecting of food orders for this outlet from the pastry section pass in the main production kitchen. The management of Hotel Futura did the adoption of a plan for utilizing a sunny indoor area of the lobby as a service point in respect of morning as well as afternoon teas. The area will be serving 250 customers per week and there will be the allocation of two existing food servive attendants in respect of 2.5 hours regarding each period o service. There will be the requirement of hiring one food service attendant for ensuring that the operation will be commencing seven days a week. Each tea service will be operating for 2 hours. The low tables that exist as well as the comfortable lobby style seating will be getting used. There can occur the utilization of a set of service fridges in the front kicthen regarding the storage as well as service of chilled alcoholic as well as non-alcohoic beverages. The aim of the operational plan is to do the installation of a full espresso coffee service station in the designated as well as doing the utilization of the existing coffee facilities inside the busy 24 hour coffee shop outlet, located 30 metres diagonally across the foyer. SWOT analysis of the business environment The strength of Hotel Futura is associated with what it does best, whch includes the serving of tasty food in its restaurant, providing quality service or providing dcor that give customers a memorable experience. The weakness that is associated with the hotel is not providing sufficient staff training regarding the wait staff, such as showcasing in what ways they should be attending to tables or explaining to culinary personnel in what ways the preparation as well as presentation of food should be done (Singal 2015). The opportunities will include finding ways that will support the restaurant to do the increasing of profits, like expanding or providing varied kinds of foods as well as beverages. Also, doing the utilization of a sunny indoor section of the lobby as a service point in respect of morning as well as afternoon teas. This will be fitting all the legal requirements in relation to the process regarding the serving of food. The legal requirements include registering the business name, trademark as well as domian name and also registering the business regarding taxes. The other competing restaurants that are located within the close vicinity of Hotel Futura might be representing a threat to the business of the hotel, particularly when similar kinds of food are being sold. Another threat could be consisting of the potential rising price regarding specific food items (Marane 2013). Detailed overview of the resource requirements Technology Technology is required to be used by Hotel Futura for the functioning of certain type of customer relationship management system. Also, the hotel will be using mobile tablets as well as smart phones for fiiting their strategic vision as well as operational processes. Human Resources needs There is the requirement of selecting effcient housekeepers, wait staffs, chefs or bartenders for improving the hospitality functioning within the hotel. This can be done by the human resource department through proper recruitment functions. The human resource department can also assist in the process of retaining the employees at the hotel by proposing various jncentive options (Patiar 2015). Financial requirements There is requirement for doing the prediction of the organizational costs and keeping a track of the financial resources. Also, to undertake the cash flow statements, as well as regarding cash management and capital expenditures budget (Hemdi 2014). Requirements for intellectual property rights The requirements for the intellectual property rights regarding Hotel Futura is to do the prevention of unauthorized third parties to get benefitted from that right. This will help in strengthening the competitiveness of Hotel Futura (Tracey 2015). The different stages associated with the contingency plan in respect of the operational planning stages are, Analying the risk There is the requirement for listing out every possible events that will be disrupting the operations. Determining the likelihood and impact of risks There is the possibility for coming up with a huge list of potential impacts, but certain events wil be so improbable that it might not be reasonable to do their inclusion within the plan (Warrick 2015). Developing and processing each item To do disaster recovery, or stages associated with te safeguarding of individuals as well as property during certain incident. Also, steps for keeping the business functional when an event is getting addressed. The overall timeframe required to implement the project will be nine weeks. In the first week , there will occur the preliminary market analysis. In the second, third and fourh week, there will occur the development of the preliminary product designs. In the fifth week, there will occur the development of detailed market plans. In the fifth and sixth week, there will occur the deevelopment of the detailed product design. In the seventh week, there will occur the finalizing of the product design. In the seventh and eight week, there will occur the ordering of production equipment. In the ninth week, there will occur The consultation requirements and provisions Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 A Doing preliminary market analysis B Developing preliminary product designs C Developing detailed market plans D Developing detailed product design E Finalizing product design F Ordering production equipment G Installing production equipment Figure 1 Gantt Chart (Source: Created by Author) Evaluation methods for measuring the performance Feedback Receiving proper feedback will be helping in the improvement of the operational plan. Monitor Constant monitoring is very effective to do the measurement of changes induced by implementation of the appropriate operational plan (Noordzy 2015). Key Performance Indicator The key performance indicators will assist Hotel Futura in defining as well as measuring the development toward the operational plan. The key performance indicators will be having three measurement horizons such as monitoring investment, monitoring adoption as well as monitoring health (Van Der Wagen 2015). The different options that have been researched in respect of the coffee machine will be including the aspect of finding the resource requirements that will be including the technological requirements, human resource requirements, finanicial requirements as well as requirements for intellectual property rights. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will be influencing the operational plan has also been found out. Morever, the timeframes required for implementing the project as well as the evaluation methods to measure the performance has been found out as well (Mutindi 2013). Overview of the Standard Operating Procedures Planning The various steps need to be found out that are currently done for completing the project of implementing this operation with staff. First Draft There the requirement for making a detailed list of the stages in the order in which they will be done. Internal Review Input should be received from all the staffs who will now be performing the process. They should be provided with the first draft and the procedure should be revised as per the requirement. External Review There can occur the involvement of the technial advisors and the procedure should get revised as per requirement. Testing The procedure should get tested by doing every step as it is stated and the procedure should get revised as per requirement. Posting A final draft will be made regarding the process and posted in the workplace. Training Training or re-training of the staffs will be done as per the requirement for following the procedure in an exact manner (Hsiao 2018). Job description for the role of food service attendant Communicating verbally with guests Filling the request of guests regarding food and beverages in a timely, effective as well as polite way. Gaining working knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures requireed for the performance of job functions. Ensuring quality relating to finished food product Monitoring as well as maintainig portion control (Hodari 2017). The workplace is comprising of operational procedures that will be including the kitchen operation, front-office, tourism, events, food and beverage, rooms division or administration. There is the requirement for monitoring, analyzing as well as reviewing the operational procedure that will be including the reviewing of the complaints from the customers about prolonged waiting prriods in respect of check-ins, prolonged waiting periods for food in the restaurant, as well as frequent errors in reconciliations at the end of the shift in front office. Listing of the Standard Procedures Planning The various steps need to be found out that are currently done for completing the project of implementing this operation with staff. First Draft There the requirement for making a detailed list of the stages in the order in which they will be done. Internal Review Input should be received from all the staffs who will now be performing the process. They should be provided with the first draft and the procedure should be revised as per the requirement. External Review There can occur the involvement of the technial advisors and the procedure should get revised as per requirement. Testing The procedure should get tested by doing every step as it is stated and the procedure should get revised as per requirement (McDonald 2016). Posting A final draft will be made regarding the process and posted in the workplace. Training Training or re-training of the staffs will be done as per the requirement for following the procedure in an exact manner. The findings will be associated with the process of observing as well as improving the existing procedures or to do the identification of the new processes for improving the operations. This will be including the workflow processes, cost effectiveness relating to products as well as services, issues relating to customer services, procedures relating to check-in and check-out, staff effectiveness as well as training requirements (El Haddad 2015). Certain issues were identified that were the reasons for shortfall during task observation. These are the issues relating to customer services as well as issues relating to staff effectiveness as well as training requirements. The customer service issues are relating to poor response to information request, lack of communication, repeated complaints regarding the same food items (Farzan 2015). The issues relating to staff effectiveness as well as training requirements will be including inefficient training of staffs regarding skills related with client servicing, underdevelopment as well as limited using of disciplinary processes, not reviewing the processes relating to the recruitment as well as selection. In respect of issues relating to customer services, certain strategies could be implemented for overcoming the shortfalls that have been identified such as retraining staffs as to how to provide responses to the requests of the customers, setting procedures for reducing the wait-time, training staffs in communication skills so that they can communicate in an effective manner with the customers. In respect of issues relating to staff effectiveness as well as training requirements, the strategies that will be implemented will be including the process of ensuring that the staffs are having a knowledge of the products as well as services, teamwork will be encouraged and rewards should be provided to the better performing staffs (Tang 2015). Potential cost factors for the suggested procedure In respect of the physical resources, Planning the use of physical resources Obtaining physical resources Ensuring the availability of physical resources Monitorin the use of physical resources In respect of the human resources, Planning the use of human resources Obtaining human resources Ensuring the availability of human resources Monitorin the use of human resources According to me, the strategies that have been implemented regarding the operation plan are considerd being very much viable because this will help in overcoming the issues relating to staff effectiveness as well as training requirements and also, the issues relating to customer services. The different cost factors have been cited in this regard. I do not think, there would be a more cost effective option. Conclusion To conclude, it can be stated that there has been the development of an organizational plan, then there has been the outlining of the processes as well as procedures that will be used for planning as well as managing the required physical as well as human resources. There has been the observation of operational procedure that have been related with the workflow processes. Then there has been the development of the strategies that has been implemented to overcome the shortfalls that have been identified. Reference El Haddad, R., 2015. Exploration of revenue management practicescase of an upscale budget hotel chain.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,27(8), pp.1791-1813. Farzan, F., Vaghefi, S.A., Mahani, K., Jafari, M.A. and Gong, J., 2015. Operational planning for multi-building portfolio in an uncertain energy market.Energy and Buildings,103, pp.271-283. Hemdi, M.A., Hafiz, M., Mahat, F. and Othman, N.Z., 2014. Organizational citizenship behaviors of hotel employees: The role of discretionary human resource practices and psychological contract.Theory and Practice in Hospitality and Tourism Research, p.71. Hodari, D., Turner, M.J. and Sturman, M.C., 2017. How hotel owner-operator goal congruence and GM autonomy influence hotel performance.International Journal of Hospitality Management,61, pp.119-128. Hsiao, T.Y., Chuang, C.M. and Huang, L., 2018. The contents, determinants, and strategic procedure for implementing suitable green activities in star hotels.International Journal of Hospitality Management,69, pp.1-13. Marane, B. and Omer, Z.A.A., 2013. Evaluation of hotel performance based on financial management, marketing and operations and management practices issues: Case study on Erbil international hotel.Evaluation,5(20). McDonald, M. and Wilson, H., 2016.Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them. John Wiley Sons. Mutindi, U.J.M., Namusonge, G.S. and Obwogi, J., 2013. Effects of strategic management drivers on organizational performance: a survey of the hotel industry in Kenyan coast. Noordzy, G. and Whitfield, R., 2015. Project Management of New Hotel Openings. InEducational Strategies for the Next Generation Leaders in Hotel Management(pp. 140-163). IGI Global. Patiar, A. and Mia, L., 2015. Drivers of Hotel Departments' Performance: Evidence From Australia.Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality Tourism,14(3), pp.316-337. Prayag, G. and Hosany, S., 2015. Human resource development in the hotel industry of Mauritius: myth or reality?.Current Issues in Tourism,18(3), pp.249-266. Singal, M., 2015. How is the hospitality and tourism industry different? An empirical test of some structural characteristics.International Journal of Hospitality Management,47, pp.116-119. Tang, C.M.F., King, B.E. and Kulendran, N., 2015. Estimating future room occupancy fluctuations to optimize hotel revenues.Journal of Travel Tourism Marketing,32(7), pp.870-885. Tracey, J.B., 2015. Hospitality HR and Big Data: Highlights from the 2015 Roundtable. Van der Wagen, L. and Goonetilleke, A., 2015.Hospitality Management, Strategy and Operations. Pearson Higher Education AU. Warrick, P.S., Levy, A., Carriere, L.M., Ziebart, D.T., Kullos, J.A., Fontes, D. and MacMillan, A.T., Guest Tek Interactive Entertainment Ltd., 2015.Custom-tailored entertainment experience for user identified by different loyalty program user identifiers at different hospitality locations. U.S. Patent 9,038,112.

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Stages of Prenantal Development Essay Example

Stages of Prenantal Development Paper The intricate details of life begin with a single cell that develops into a full term fetus within approximately 38-40 weeks. The prenatal development stages outline the growth of the child and give a clearer picture of the development of the child in the womb. The course of this prenatal development is divided into three main periods:  germinal, embryonic, and fetal. The germinal/conception stage begins with conception, occurs within the first 2 weeks. This journey begins when the sperm and egg cell unite in one of the two fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg, known as a zygote, then moves toward the uterus, a journey that can take up to a week to complete. Cell division begins  and continues rapidly forming a blastocyst. Finally, the blastocyst arrives at the uterus and attached to the uterine wall, a process known as implantation. The conception stage is basically the preparatory and preliminary process of prenatal development that readies and prepares the body for the impending pregnancy. Once implantation has occur the the blastocyst is develops into an embryo. This second stage, the  embryonic period  occurs 2-8 weeks after conception. This is referred as the most important stage of prenatal devllopment as the foundational development of the embryo begins here. During this period, the rate of cell division increases, support systems for the cells form, and organs appear. The mass of cells attached to the uterine wall forms two layers and is now called the embryo. The  inner layer of cells of the embryo is the endoderm  which develops into digestive and respiratory systems. We will write a custom essay sample on Stages of Prenantal Development specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Stages of Prenantal Development specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Stages of Prenantal Development specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The  ectoderm which is the outer layer of cells will become the nervous system and sensory receptors such as ears, nose, and eyes, and skin. The middle layer known as the  mesoderm will develop into the circulatory system, bones, muscle, excretory system, and reproductive system. By the 8th week teeth and intestines start the form as well. From the 11th week onwards, the child is called a fetus, and this stage is the last of the prenatal development timeline. This stage culminates in the birth of the child. Development of the fetus continues rapidly throughout most of this period. The fetus develops hair, nails, vocal cords, genitals, hardened bones, and a functioning liver and kidneys. By about the 20th week fat starts accumulating under the skin, the heart starts pumping more amounts of blood each day, and the baby also starts experiencing hiccups. The rate of development continues slowly as other body systems such as ligaments, brain and eyes continue developing. Up to the 40th week, the main task is the formation of the lungs, as most other body parts and organs are ready. The child starts developing necessary immunities, and also starts fattening up to face the outer environment. By about the 39th week, the child will be ready to be born into this world. During pregnancy there are 3 trimesters. A trimester is referred to as a three months period. Most commonly, the first trimester is defined as from conception through week 14. The second trimester is from week 14 through week 28. And the third trimester is from week 28 through labor and deliver, which varies considerably but averages at week 40.

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Word Choice All vs. All Of

Word Choice All vs. All Of Word Choice: All vs. All Of For such a short word, â€Å"all† can be complicated. It certainly has many uses! Here, though, we’re looking at one thing in particular: when to use â€Å"all of† rather than â€Å"all† by itself. Make sure you can avoid errors when using these terms by checking out our guide below. When to Use â€Å"All Of† The sense of â€Å"all† that applies here is its use as a determiner (or a predeterminer when it comes before another determiner). This means using â€Å"all† to indicate how much of something we’re discussing. For example, â€Å"all students† means â€Å"every single student,† not just some of them. As a rule of thumb, we use â€Å"all of† when â€Å"all† is a determiner and the next word in the sentence is a pronoun. When this is a personal pronoun (e.g., me, you, us, them) or a relative pronoun (e.g., whom, which), we need to â€Å"of† to make the sentence grammatical. For example: All of you were late to class. âÅ"“ All you were late to class. âÅ"â€" These are my students, all of whom were late. âÅ"“ These are my students, all whom were late. âÅ"â€" With demonstrative pronouns (e.g., this, these, those), the â€Å"of† is optional: All of these students were late. âÅ"“ All these students were late. âÅ"“ We can also include â€Å"of† before a noun phrase that begins with a determiner, such as the definite article (i.e., the) or a possessive pronoun (e.g., my, his, her, your, our, their). For instance: All of the students overslept. âÅ"“ All the students overslept. âÅ"“ Some style guides recommend leaving out â€Å"of† when it is optional. This will make a sentence more concise, but it is ultimately up to you. When to Use â€Å"All† By Itself So when do we need to use â€Å"all† by itself? As mentioned, you can do this when the next word is a pronoun or determiner. But there are situations when adding the â€Å"of† is not an option. These are: When â€Å"all† comes before a noun referring to an entire class of things. When â€Å"all† is used before an uncountable noun without a determiner (i.e., a noun with no plural form without a word like â€Å"the† or â€Å"my† in front). In the case of an plural noun that refers to an entire class, we would write: All cats are lazy. âÅ"“ All of cats are lazy. âÅ"â€" Here, we use â€Å"all† without â€Å"of† because â€Å"cats† refers to every possible feline, not a specific group of cats. And we would do the same if â€Å"all† came before an uncountable noun: All water is wet. âÅ"“ All of water is wet. âÅ"â€" In both cases, the â€Å"of† is not just unnecessary; it is grammatically incorrect. â€Å"All† as a Pronoun We mentioned above that â€Å"all† is always followed by â€Å"of† when the next word is a personal or relative pronoun. This only applies when â€Å"all† is a determiner. You will also see â€Å"all† used as a pronoun meaning â€Å"everyone,† â€Å"everything,† or â€Å"the only thing.† And when â€Å"all† is a pronoun, it can be combined with other pronouns without using â€Å"of†: This letter is for all whom it may concern. âÅ"“ All you need is love. âÅ"“ These sentences are both fine as â€Å"all† is used as a pronoun, not a determiner. Summary: All or All Of? When deciding whether to write â€Å"all† or â€Å"all of,† keep the following in mind: Use all of when the next word is a personal or relative pronoun. You can use either all or all of when the next word in the sentence is either a demonstrative pronoun or a noun phrase that begins with a determiner. Use all by itself when the next word in the sentence is a plural noun that refers to an entire class of things or an uncountable noun. And don’t forget to have your writing proofread! We will check your writing for errors, and we can even offer feedback on grammar and other issues.

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An appraisal of a piece of research-based evidence relevant to Essay

An appraisal of a piece of research-based evidence relevant to healthcare practice - Essay Example The following appraisal evaluates a clinical research study and its potential applications to nursing practice. The main aims of this research study were to evaluate student nurses’ perceptions of hand hygiene practice compliance in order to explore ways of effectively incorporating best practice standards of hand hygiene compliance into nursing school curricula and training programmes. The impetus for this study was the documentation of increased incidence of health-care associated infections (HCAIs) and data that suggest that there are generally poor compliance rates for hand hygiene among healthcare workers (Creedon 2005). The rationale for the increased attention to hygiene compliance is that greater attention to hand hygiene practices among nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers may produce a decrease in the overall incidence of HCAIs among patients (Boyce & Pittet 2002). This is a very serious problem as noscomial infections are associated with higher mortality rates in critically ill patients, increased hospital stays and excessive antibiotic usage, all of which represent unwanted complications in patient care. There are a number of excellent search engines that would be relevant to this type of search. These include the Cochrane Library Online, which is a website containing journal articles and research findings designed to meet the needs of nursing professionals. Another excellent website is the Centers for Disease Control website (CDC), a USA based database that contains the results of the latest research on infectious disease, and evidence-based practice research findings. Pubmed/medline is an online database that can be used in a search by topic mode to obtain the latest journal research articles on this subject. The rationale for this research study involving nursing students’ perceptions of hand hygiene compliance was the